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4 Rules That Every Real Estate Buyer Should Know

The real estate industry can feel like it has its own set of rules. With that in mind, we’ve brought you four home buying etiquette rules that every buyer should know. Read them over and keep them in mind so that you feel prepared for when you’re ready to hit the market.

Get pre-approved before you start going on showings

In real estate, a pre-approval is a letter from your Bank that indicates the amount up to which you’ve been approved to buy a home. These days, you need to submit this letter as part of your offer in order to prove to the sellers that you’re capable of buying the home. Having a pre-approval is a sign that you’re serious about buying.

However, you don’t want to wait until you’ve already found your dream home to apply for a pre-approval. In order to put together this document, your lender will need to vet your finances and pull your credit. The process can take a few days to complete.

With that in mind, your best bet is to have a pre-approval put together before you start working with an agent. That way, when you do find the right home, you have the necessary documents ready to go.

Work with one agent at a time

It should almost go without saying, but you should only work with one real estate agent at a time. Having one person follow you through the entirety of your home search is the easiest way to make sure that no important details get left out of the equation.

The one exception to this when you’re relocating. In this case, you’ll want to have two real estate agents, one in your new location and one in your old. However, ideally, they’ll at least communicate enough to make sure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to your housing needs.

Keep your appointments and be on time

As a matter of basic respect, you should always do your best to keep your appointments with your agent. Put simply, think of appointments as the agent equivalent of a meeting. As with any business situation, it would be disrespectful to show up late or cancel without warning.

Obviously, sometimes things happen and life gets in the way, but in those situations, your goal should be to be as respectful as possible. Give your real estate agent a call in advance and let him or her know what’s going on. Odds are, your agent will be more than happy to reschedule.

Communicate through your agent

Once you do find a home, a seller will enter the mix. However, once that happens, you should do most of your communicating through your agent. The reality is that buying a house is a legally-binding transaction. It’s in your best interest to have someone negotiate on your behalf.

To that end, do your best to keep all your conversations above board. If you have a question or concern about the house, bring it up to your real estate agent. He or she will then present it to the listing agent and bring you an answer.

Buying Property in Athens

Buying Property in Athens – things to know about investing in the capital

The unique metropolitan lifestyle and the proximity to many Greek islands makes Athens an appealing option for local and foreign property buyers.

Buying property in Athens has never been more enticing.

It’s a city blessed by the gods with its crystal blue coastline, magical sunsets and mountainous landscape.

Greece has traditionally been a nation of home owners who proudly pass-on their properties to their children.

The resent economic crisis forces many to sell properties they can’t maintain.

With low residential prices and high yielding short-term rental income, investment from overseas buyers have surged in recent years, allowing many to make true their dream of owning a summer holiday house in Greece.

Why Athens and why now?

Athens offers an easy lifestyle against the backdrop of a buzzing and dynamic city that is steeped in history and legacy. The harsh economic climate has seen some positive change and exciting developments in food, art and culture, providing a much more rounded urban experience and making it one of the most exciting cities in Europe right now.

The sea and its southern coastline of Blue-Flag beaches are easily reached from the center, as are the many hills you can climb to admire its beautiful landscape from above.

Central Athens is built around the Acropolis.


The newly built Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center has been the most ambitious cultural and architectural project to date. The €617 million development by the prominent Greek shipping family was the largest donation made to the city so far.

Many central suburbs are in the midst of a reboot too, as gentrification takes hold in various pockets around town. The southern coastal districts from Piraeus to Vouliagmeni will get a boost thanks to recent plans to transform the major shipping and passenger terminal of the Port of Piraeus and its surrounding area. Plans are also in place to finally resurrect the former Athens airport near Glyfada, into a modern hub of residences, retail and leisure facilities.

The urban sprawl of Athens

Be prepared and do your homework

It goes without saying that you should find a reputable team of professionals to guide you through the purchasing process. You’ll need a Lawyer to protect your rights and a notary to transfer the property to your name.

When purchasing existing property, it’s also wise to have an engineer conduct an independent inspection to make sure your property is structurally sound and complies with relevant laws and regulations.

Property transfer Fees

  • Buyers tax fee 3% .
  • Greek tax file number (equivalent to a social security number): no fee
  • Real Estate Agency fees are usually between 2-2.5 % of the final purchase price.
  • Notary and Lawyer fees can be a fixed fee but no more than 1% each on the contract value.
  • All above are subject to 24%  VAT/GST.



An expert’s advice

Property consultant, George Sagirakis from National Real Estate has assisted many overseas buyers through the paperwork and overcoming language barriers to purchasing Real Estate in Athens and all around Greece.

We asked George to get his expertise and experience on buying property and Visa in Greece.

Q: George, as a property consultant, how can you assist overseas buyers wanting to invest in property and in obtaining the Golden Visa?

A: We usually come in when the client needs help to find a property or has decided on buying a property or has narrowed down options of properties they are interested in.

We all know that buying a property, either as an investment or to leave in, is going to be one of the most careful decisions we make and you should not throw good money away on an emotional decision or a decision made by ignorance.

Buying good property means  to gather  as much information as possible in advance, in order to make an educated decision and make sure that you get Value for Money.

Q: Where do people commonly find properties advertised for sale in Athens?

A: The most common methods are through Real Estate Agents or privately advertised properties. Walk-by signage is also great idea providing you have available time. We advice potential buyers to walk or drive around neighborhoods at different times of the day.

Athens, a city of rooftop living.

Q: What is a realistic time frame for someone from overseas coming to Athens to buy a place? Do they need to be physically present the entire time?

A: The time required to view, inspect, negotiate and close a property is more or less the same as in any country.

Property Buyers may appoint a specialist Lawyer or a Real Estate Broker to do all is required. Overseas buyers don’t have to be physically present in Greece for the documentations.

Q: What are the usual steps to buy a property in Greece?

A: A deposit of 2-10 per cent (depending on the type of property and its value) is usually required. When an agreement has been reached, the seller should provide all  legal and technical documents required by the Law.

Signed contracts will be lodged to the local Registry Office in your name/s as well as at the Hellenic Cadastre Office.



Property owners no longer have to obtain a permit for minor repairs or upgrades. In some cases when an apartment is located in a building of historical heritage, the process can become more complicated and restrictive. This is one more reason why it’s a good idea for buyers to  consider appointing an architect-engineer before purchasing property, as they can potentially help quantify in advance, the cost and time involved to renovate a place.


Renting a property

Short-term or holiday rental income must be declared as if one were renting to a long-term tenant. Owners must now declare the property, names of renters and the duration of the lease.


Monemvasia, Castle, Peloponisos, Greece, Waterfront, Heritage

George Sagirakis was born and raised in Greece. He moved to Australia where he lived and worked in the retail and construction industry for over 22 years. He is now based in Athens and is a licensed Realtor. His second office is in Limassol, Cyprus.

George provides consulting services for Real Estate and renovations matters in Greece and Cyprus. All property management services are handled by registered Attorneys and/or Accountants.

George is experienced in Real Estate marketing, buying/selling/rending  as well as renovating residential and commercial properties, as well as assisting with all property-related matters such as obtaining certificates and permits.

You can contact George directly via this website.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided is general and should therefore NOT be considered as advice or consultation to act upon. Links to third-party websites do not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of products and services.

George Sagirakis


Τι να προσέξω στην ενοικίαση σπιτιού

Ενοικίαση σπιτιού. Τι πρέπει να προσέξω; Τι παγίδες κρύβει; Δείτε τις απαντήσεις στο άρθρο που ακολουθεί.
Η αναζήτηση σπιτιού για ενοικίαση είναι μια ομολογουμένως δύσκολη υπόθεση. Η προσφορά είναι σίγουρα μεγάλη, ωστόσο πάντα υπάρχουν παγίδες στις οποίες μπορούμε πολύ εύκολα να πέσουμε αν δεν είμαστε υποψιασμένοι.

Τι να προσέξουμε, λοιπόν, κατά την ενοικίαση σπιτιού.

Καταρχήν, το πιο σημαντικό είναι να βρούμε ένα σπίτι που να καλύπτει τις πραγματικές μας ανάγκες.

Σίγουρα είναι καλό να μας αρέσει ο χώρος που ζούμε, αλλά δεν πρέπει να επικεντρωθούμε μόνο στην εμφάνιση παραβλέποντας άλλα πιο σημαντικά στοιχεία.

Δεν πρέπει για παράδειγμα να νοικιάσουμε ένα σπίτι μεγαλύτερο από ότι πραγματικά χρειαζόμαστε. Γιατί τι να τα κάνουμε τα έξτρα δωμάτια αν για παράδειγμα μένουμε μόνοι μας.

Όσο ωραίο κι αν είναι, ακόμη κι αν το βρήκαμε σε καλή τιμή, είναι πολύ πιθανό να μετανιώσουμε για την απόφαση μας όταν έρθει η ώρα να το καθαρίσουμε και πολύ περισσότερο να το ζεστάνουμε.

Επίσης, εκτός από τα αυξημένα έξοδα θέρμανσης, τα μεγάλα σπίτια έχουν και περισσότερα κοινόχρηστα.

Ένας άλλος βασικός κανόνας όταν ψάχνουμε σπίτι είναι να επισκεπτόμαστε τα υποψήφια διαμερίσματα πάντοτε με το φως της μέρας.

Έτσι βλέπουμε ατέλειες που ίσως να μην παρατηρούσαμε.

Καλό είναι να ελέγξουμε προσεκτικά το σπίτι για τυχόν ζημιές και να ζητήσουμε από τον ιδιοκτήτη να τις επιδιορθώσει πριν μπούμε.

Επίσης σημαντικός παράγοντας είναι η περιοχή. Επιλέγουμε προσεκτικά την τοποθεσία του σπιτιού, ειδικά αν πρόκειται για άγνωστη σε μας πόλη.

Καλό είναι να θυμόμαστε ότι κατά κανόνα, τα σπίτια στο κέντρο είναι ακριβά, παλιά και πολλές φορές και κακοσυντηρημένα.

Προτιμάμε ήσυχες γειτονιές εκτός κέντρου με πρόσβαση όμως σε βασικές ευκολίες όπως σούπερ μάρκετ, στάση λεωφορείου, σχολείο αν έχουμε παιδιά κλπ.

Προσέξτε όμως! Αν επιλέξουμε να μείνουμε σε μια περιοχή αρκετά μακριά από τη δουλειά μας για να γλιτώσουμε κάποια χρήματα από το ενοίκιο, θα τα δώσουμε, πιθανόν πολλαπλάσια, στις μετακινήσεις (καύσιμα, λεωφορεία κλπ).

Αν το σπίτι προορίζεται για φοιτητή, τότε καλό θα ήταν να έχει εύκολη πρόσβαση στο πανεπιστήμιο είτε με τα πόδια, είτε με λεωφορείο δεδομένου ότι οι πιο πολλοί φοιτητές δεν διαθέτουν μεταφορικό μέσο.

Αν έχουμε αυτοκίνητο καλό θα ήταν το σπίτι που θα νοικιάσουμε να διαθέτει δική του θέση πάρκινγκ ή να είναι σε μια περιοχή που θα βρίσκουμε εύκολα μια θέση για να παρκάρουμε για να μην αγανακτούμε κάθε μέρα.

Γενικά πριν αποφασίσουμε πρέπει να σταθμίσουμε πολλούς παράγοντες όπως είναι η θέση του σπιτιού, η παλαιότητα του και η περιοχή.

Τυχόν ευκολίες που πιθανόν διαθέτει ένα σπίτι (καινούργια κουφώματα, θερμομόνωση, ηλιακός θερμοσίφωνας κλπ) είναι ευπρόσδεκτες καθώς θα μας εξοικονομήσουν χρήματα από τη θέρμανση και τον λογαριασμό του ρεύματος.

Ασφάλεια Meshtec

Επίσης καλό θα ήταν πριν προχωρήσουμε στη μίσθωση να χτυπήσουμε το κουδούνι κάποιου γείτονα για να ενημερωθούμε για τυχόν προβλήματα στη γειτονιά ή την πολυκατοικία αν πρόκειται για διαμέρισμα (πχ θόρυβος, υγρασία κλπ).

Τέλος πριν υπογράψουμε τα συμβόλαια ενημερωνόμαστε για άλλα έξοδα πέραν του ενοικίου όπως πχ για τα κοινόχρηστα, για το κόστος θέρμανσης κλπ για να ξέρουμε τι θα πληρώνουμε συνολικά.