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While moving to a new country, or living in another country you’ll find that things sometimes go different than what you are used to and you can easily run into issues you weren’t prepared for.

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Residence Permits for Real Estate owners


€250.000+ for Permanent Residence

It is obtained for the entire family, including dependent children up to age 18!

We assist our clients with document preparation and filing, legal advice, housing and real estate taxation.
All information including Services/Forms can be obtained from Govt authorities for free.

The process and the supporting documentation required of third-country citizens who own real estate, the value of which exceeds €250.000, in order to obtain residence permits in Greece is simple and permanent residence is obtained within 3 months.

While most of the information that is found here can also be found in the relevant pages of the Greek government, finding those pages, which are spread over several ministries and departments, can be cumbersome and time consuming. First National makes that process faster and easier.


Please download here a Brief Guide to Permanent Residence Permits for real estate owners in Greece in the following languages:

GreekEnglishChinese and Russian



Areas of real estate and property law services include:

  • Buying and selling residential or commercial property
  • Drafting contracts and title deeds
  • Other forms of property transfers
  • Leasing/renting issues
  • Foreclosures and mortgage issues
  • Boundary and zoning disputes, zoning
  • Land development, construction and property development
  • Capital gains, estate planning, asset protection and administration, and
  • Settlement of property claims


 €300,000+ Permanent Residency in 2021

1. Invest in Commercial Properties – Investors now have the option to invest in new or resale commercial properties, including offices, shops and hotels.

2. Investment Funds – The investment funds should originate from overseas, and be a minimum of of €300,000 EUR, and the investment should be maintained or replaced by another investment of the same or greater value, in order to keep the permit.

2.a. Short-Term Fixed Income Investment secured against UK Property – The Investor invests into UK Property Secured Loans that offer the opportunity to gain high yield returns of between 5% – 7%, with a short-term exit strategy as well as capital protection. Investment in bridging loans offers high security backed by UK Residential and Commercial Property. At the end of the investment term, investors have the option to receive the funds or to re-invest them.

3. Applicant’s Income – The Applicant and their Spouse should prove a secure annual income (including salaries from employment, pensions, dividends, fixed deposits, rentals) of at least €30,000 euros, increased by €5,000 euros for every dependent person (spouse and children) and by €8,000 euros for every dependent parent or parent-in-law.

4. No Employment in Cyprus Allowed – The Applicants should confirm that they do not intend to undertake any sort of employment in Cyprus.

5. Proof of Place of Residence in Cyprus – The Applicant should provide relevant documentation as to the place of residence in Cyprus (e.g. sales agreement, rental agreement, or title deed). The investment should be concluded before the submission of the application.


    • Cyprus Law Firm – We partner with experienced and specialised Cyprus Lawyers, working in reputable Cyprus Law firms, who are registered with the Registry of Service Providers of the Cyprus Investment Programme, and adhere strictly to the provisions of the Code of Conduct, effective from June 2018.
    • European Union (EU) – Visa Free travel within European countries for non-EU nationalities.
    • Residency Permit – Cypriot Government has simplified the process to get issued with a Permanent Residency Permit.
    • No Renewal of Residency Required – Permanent residency permit does not need to be renewed, it is permanent and there is no need for future reconsideration.
    • Cypriot Passport Eligibility – Cyprus Permanent Residents have the right, subject to meeting conditions, to apply for a Cypriot passport following their physical presence for a total of 5 years within a 7-year period.
    • Healthcare and Education – Residents can benefit from high quality Cyprus healthcare and excellent standard of education at International Schools and British Universities, based in Cyprus.
    • High Safety – Lowest crime levels in Europe.
    • Business in Europe – Business opportunities are available for free trade to over 500 million EU citizens.
    • Fast Processing Time – Permanent Residency by Investment is usually approved in around 2 months processing time, after evaluation of the application by the Cyprus Civil Registry, the Migration Department and the Ministry of Interior.
    • Schengen Visa – Eligible to apply for a 1-year Schengen visa in any European Embassy.
    • No Residence Requirements – Only need to visit Cyprus every 2 years.
    • Visa Free Travel to Cyprus – Travel Visa Free, with multiple entry to Cyprus on the Permanent Residency Permit.
    • Low Personal and Corporate Tax rates – Cyprus has the lowest personal and corporate tax rates (12.5% Corporate tax rate) in the EU, as well as double tax treaties with more than 60 countries, including: Ukraine, Russia and China.

Property & Real Estate

Property & Real Estate is an area that legal advice is very often sought in Greece and in Cyprus in matters like buying property, land survey and registration, conveyance, contracts, mortgages. We undertake to manage your case and take all necessary steps to facilitate your transactions.

Conveyance of Property: transfer properties, purchasing and selling property in Greece and Cyprus, title’s search, forming the purchasing and selling contracts.

Construction law: forming legal building contracts for those who have purchased a plot in Greece and Cyprus and wish to built on it.

Taxation matters: for those who have purchased property in Greece and Cyprus, or have decided to come and live.

Property Management: Arranging all matters related to your Greek and Cyprus property. Matters which are directly legal (i.e renting your property, paying your property
taxes, etc), as well as those who are day-to day-rising matters, (dispute among tenants in your building, taking care of your common bills, attending meetings with the care taker, etc).

Company Law

It is often the case that a European and/or outside EU citizen requires legal help in establishing a company in Greece or Cyprus, or legal advice regarding offshore companies.
We are here to offer comprehensible legal advice on all Company Law matters like company establishment, company winding up and liquidation proceedings.

EU Law

It is often the case that EC rules, regulations need to be applied in many situations. We offer comprehensible and quality legal advice in regard to their interpretation and application.



Wills and Probate: preparing Wills for Greek, Cypriot and Non-Greek/Cypriot people who have assets in Greece or Cyprus and Probate the Wills, in front of the local Courts.

Inheritance law: accepting inheritances all over the Greek or Cyprus regions and issuing Court’s inheritance certificates.

Retrieving all sorts of legal documents from the Greek public offices, the Greek archives and Greek Courts, such as: Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce, Army, Inheritance certificates and legal documents.

The Courts are the ones who have the authority by law, to serve all the people who reside abroad and have Inheritance legal issues to solve anywhere in Greece or Cyprus.

It is very important to know that when a person (Greek, Cypriot or not) dies abroad, then, by law, his heirs must take all necessary actions.

Our lawyers have one purpose only: To inform, assist and serve, all those people who reside abroad and have Inheritance legal issues to solve, anywhere in Greece or Cyprus.