Monemvasia Serenity Escape-Greece

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Luxury  Peloponnese

And what a location it is. The Peloponnese runs the full gamut of landscapes from soaring mountain ranges and alpine forests to vineyard-coated rolling hill country and perfectly symmetrical horseshoe bays and white sand beaches. Dotted around the peninsula are also a staggering number of ancient architectural sites and historic cities. To be honest, we’re not quite sure why we haven’t been singing the praises of Peloponnese!

The stone house is in the old city of Monemvasia, a perfectly preserved medieval

settlement full of life. Castle walls, restored mansions with their coats of arms and

arches, old churches and narrow cobbled laneways co-exist with modern shops,

picturesque taverns, traditional cafés and bars.

The house is located about 100 meters from the main gate of the castle and 15 meters

from the Portello, a small gate that leads to the sea and to the swimming area outside

the castle walls. Based on the deed of sale, we surmise that the house was probably

built at the end of the 19th century and belonged to the Kapitsini family, a prominent

family of the area. In 1966 it was bought by the present owners who did some basic


The house, a total surface area of about 292 square meters, is spread over three levels

with frontages on two streets of widely different elevations. The ground floor has its

own private entrance. It is located on the lower street level and faces a tree clad

plateau. Its unique characteristic is its four vaults which were storage spaces for olive

oil. Now they have been converted to an independent apartment very cool during the

summer months. At present, the two large vaulted spaces are used as bedroom, living

room and dining room, while the two smaller house the kitchen and bathroom. A

wooden staircase leads to the first floor.

The main entrance to the house is on the upper street level and leads to a small

courtyard which has one room, a bathroom and a stone staircase leading to a terrace

with view of the sea.

The first floor has two bedrooms, a traditional kitchen with a fireplace and a dining

room with a large window which can be converted to an opening leading to the

terrace. (This option has not been exercised by the present owners.) A wooden

staircase leads to the second and last floor. It has two bedrooms, a bathroom and a

very large living room with fireplace, windows with views of the sea, as well as a

wooden balcony with a staircase leading to the terrace of the first floor.