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4 Rules That Every Real Estate Buyer Should Know

The real estate industry can feel like it has its own set of rules. With that in mind, we’ve brought you four home buying etiquette rules that every buyer should know. Read them over and keep them in mind so that you feel prepared for when you’re ready to hit the market.

Get pre-approved before you start going on showings

In real estate, a pre-approval is a letter from your Bank that indicates the amount up to which you’ve been approved to buy a home. These days, you need to submit this letter as part of your offer in order to prove to the sellers that you’re capable of buying the home. Having a pre-approval is a sign that you’re serious about buying.

However, you don’t want to wait until you’ve already found your dream home to apply for a pre-approval. In order to put together this document, your lender will need to vet your finances and pull your credit. The process can take a few days to complete.

With that in mind, your best bet is to have a pre-approval put together before you start working with an agent. That way, when you do find the right home, you have the necessary documents ready to go.

Work with one agent at a time

It should almost go without saying, but you should only work with one real estate agent at a time. Having one person follow you through the entirety of your home search is the easiest way to make sure that no important details get left out of the equation.

The one exception to this when you’re relocating. In this case, you’ll want to have two real estate agents, one in your new location and one in your old. However, ideally, they’ll at least communicate enough to make sure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to your housing needs.

Keep your appointments and be on time

As a matter of basic respect, you should always do your best to keep your appointments with your agent. Put simply, think of appointments as the agent equivalent of a meeting. As with any business situation, it would be disrespectful to show up late or cancel without warning.

Obviously, sometimes things happen and life gets in the way, but in those situations, your goal should be to be as respectful as possible. Give your real estate agent a call in advance and let him or her know what’s going on. Odds are, your agent will be more than happy to reschedule.

Communicate through your agent

Once you do find a home, a seller will enter the mix. However, once that happens, you should do most of your communicating through your agent. The reality is that buying a house is a legally-binding transaction. It’s in your best interest to have someone negotiate on your behalf.

To that end, do your best to keep all your conversations above board. If you have a question or concern about the house, bring it up to your real estate agent. He or she will then present it to the listing agent and bring you an answer.

The Zagori Experience in Northern Greece

The Rugged Rush of the Zagori

by Maria Paravantes.

Nestled in the northern Pindus mountain range amid rugged cliffs, rushing waters, lush forests and breath-taking alpine lakes are the tiny stone villages of the Zagori, known as the Zagorochoria. These remote little gems dot the slopes of the Pindus and in their embrace the visitor discovers the secrets of centuries literally carved in stone and carried on through local traditions and hospitality.

Dilofo Village square

The ‘mesohori’ or central village square in Dilofo with the ubiquitous plane tree at its heart.

Located in the Epirus region, northwestern Greece, a long winding road connects the 46 Zagorochoria, which offer their guests an unforgettable travel experience: everything from extreme sports like rafting, canoeing, kayaking, mountain biking and trekking to horseback riding, mountain climbing and sampling culinary delights of the region.

The snaking ride up to the villages begins from the capital of the region, Ioannina, with Mount Mitsikeli (1,810m) to its southwest, the Aoos River and Mount Tymfi (with Gamila as its highest peak) to the north and the Varda River and Mount Mavrovouni (2,100m) near Metsovo to the southeast.

The 46 villages serve as mini-museums of the region’s traditional architecture mostly dating back to the 18th century. High-ceilinged stone and wood mansions stand on cobbled roads leading to the “mesohori” or “plateia” (central square), which also hosts the village church, the central springs and the ubiquitous “platanos” (or plane tree) under which all of life’s great events take place.

Besides its local cuisine and natural beauty, the Zagorochoria, and the Epirus region in general is also known for its music. Much like its people, who are rugged and reserved, so is the music with a slow slithering rhythm led by a mournful clarinet solo. To enjoy all three aspects of the Zagori experience – nature, food and culture – visit the villages in the summer during the annual “panegyria” – open-air festivals where locals indulge in good food and wine while singing and dancing under the plane tree in the central squares.

Take a walk on the wild side

One of the most rewarding experiences when visiting the Zagori is the trek through the Vikos Gorge via marked footpaths. With an altitude of 1,778 meters, the gorge is located southwest of Gamila and is known for its unique ecosystem which is home to a number of endangered species. Considered to be one of the deepest ravines in world, reaching some 1,000m in depth, it takes approximately six hours to complete the 20km trek that begins from the stone bridge Paliogefyra between the villages of Monodendri and Koukouli, and ends near Vikos. A number of streams and rivers flow along the gorge down into the Voidomatis River.

For those not so keen on a six-hour walk, the best views of the gorge are from the road to Megalo Papigo, from the Monastery of Agia Paraskevi in Monodendri and from Beloi.

Dragon’s den

Near Mount Smolikas and Mount Tymfi lie the Zagori’s best kept secret: the “drakolimni” (or Dragon Lake): two alpine lakes, the highest at an altitude of 2,050m mirroring the sky and the clouds in which dragons sleep. The dragon, in local lore, is said to represent freedom and emerges when enemies approach its territory. The drakolimni is a five-hour hike uphill from Papigo. Photo by: www.konitsa.gr, The Zagori’s best kept secret: the “drakolimni”

Like a bridge over troubled waters

The narrow single- or three-arched bridges of the Zagori primarily made of limestone, are mostly in and around the village of Kipi. Today abandoned, they stand as reminders of their central role in the days of old when they served as trade routes for mule caravans in difficult weather conditions. Each bridge retains the name of its donor.

The stone bridges of Kokkoris between Dilofo, Kipi and Koukouli, Kontodimos (in the Mikros Vikos ravine), the 1814 Plakidas or Kalogeriko between Kipi and Koukouli, Klidonia (aka Voidomatis) in Klidonia at the end of the Vikos trek and Milos (near Kipi) are only a few of the bridges adorning the Epirot landscape.

From village to village with a herb in hand

From the 17th to the 19th century, “kombogiannites” also known as “vikogiatroi” would ride from one village to the next to heal the sick with their wondrous herbs. Self-taught shamen mostly from Kapesovo, Monodendri and Papigo, they belonged to a brotherhood of sorts and would pass on the tricks of the trade to their children. Their arrival to the villages was marked by ringing bells and joyful music.

The Food

 knife__fork_and_spoonIf there’s one thing you’ll want to do after a long trek, rafting or sightseeing, it will be sitting in one of the many local taverns/coffee shops, which serve up the finest comfort foods. From the simple but hearty omelets to the meats and sausages, settle down by the fireplace and watch the meats grill as you sip local red wine. Cheeks are bound to rosy up. The region is mainly known for its famous “pittes” (leek, greens, cheese, pumpkin pies made particularly thin) and its tsipouro, a distilled pomace-based spirit containing 40-45% alcohol.

“I Pitta tis Kikitsas” in Monodendri“I Pitta tis Kikitsas” in Monodendri has since 1958 served up Kiki’s crispiest traditional flour pie (alevropitta). Kiki passed the secret on to her daughter who runs the restaurant today and also offers delicious greens pies, grilled pork chops, tender liver and red wine.
Ano Pedina Monopatia Resort Restaurant (Photo by www.monopatiaresort.gr)In Ano Pedina, Vassilis Paparounas, known for his kitchen magic in several top-notch Athens venues, operates “Monopatia”, where local products – Paparounas’ personal favorites are the unique-to-the region mushrooms – playfully fuse with tradition to create a delight for the palate.
Margarites Restaurant in Kipoi, ZagoriFurther on, housed in a traditional stone dwelling, “Margarites” in Kipi serves up some of the Zagori’s favorite traditional dishes, including delightful sweets. Don’t forget to try “batsaria” – a fragrant pie made of corn meal, local greens and herbs, and milk or yogurt.
kanela and Garyfallo Restaurant in Vitsa, ZagoriAnother foodie stop about 1.5km before Mondendri in the village of Vitsa is “Kanela kai Garyfallo”, which also specializes in creative mushroom-based dishes and offers an excellent wine list.


There’s no doubt about it: You can’t get enough of the Zagori in just one go. The tourist experience in Greece is layered. Like most of Greece’s destinations, it has something new to offer every time you visit, with a new layer emerging to reveal something different. So too is the Zagori.

So for the Zagorochoria experience Part 1, take a tour of the villages of Monodendri, the most touristy of the lot at 1,060 meters overlooking the Vikos Gorge with a view to Astraka and Gamila. The 14th-century villages of Megalo and Mikro Papingo (4km from each other) nestled at 980m below the compelling Astraka towers. One of Mt. Tymfi’s highest peaks is Gamila at 2,436 meters, to its north stand the famous twin tower-like cliffs of Astraka which overlook the tiny village of Mikro Papigo.

Between the two settlements of Papigo flows the Rogovo stream. Erosion has created remarkable water-filled hollows known as the “ovires”. In the summer, visitors take a refreshing swim in their waters. And, finally, don’t forget to visit Tsepelovo at 1050m, and take the uphill path towards the Zagori’s highest village, Vradeto at 1,450m.

✓ On the road again… Set off from Athens to Ioannina, approximately a six-hour drive.
✓ Settle down… in one of the luxury resorts or boutique hotels in Aristi, Megalo Papigo, Mikro Papingo.
✓ Indulge in… locally made “pittes” (or pies) and tsipouro.
✓ Don’t forget to buy… spoon sweets, tsipouro, red wine and herbs.
✓ Truth or dare… The Vikos Gorge experience is like no other. Start at daybreak; bring water, chocolate and nuts.

Featured Hotels in Zagorohoria


Apeiros Chora Hotel

Apeiros Chora Hotel

“Apeiros Chora” hotel is located in Kato Pedina, a Zagori village, within half an hour drive from Ioannina, Epirus capital, in Northern Greece. The property is a fully renovated 200 years old family stone mansion with authentic interior finishes and details combined in a rich and colorful rendition of the past, all mixed with a modern elegance. From property’s rooms and surrounding courtyards and terraces, you can enjoy a cool view of the nearby mountains and the village’s protected valley.

Posted On 06 Apr 2015
Archontiko Tis Aristis Hotel

Archontiko Tis Aristis Hotel

In the most central of these residential enclaves, in Aristi, gifted with a privileged view to the canyon of Vikos and the mountains of Astraka, Archontiko Tis Aristis Hotel is one of the most representative traditional hotels of the Zagori area, the mansion of Aristi. The hotel is located in a distinctive way to the aesthetic impositions of the past, opening passages for a more refined and hospitable habitation to the present, adapted to a more timely and timeless version.

Posted On 24 Mar 2015
Machalas Hotel, Kipi, Tselepovo, Zagori, Greece

Machalas Hotel

Machalas (“Small Neigh-borhood”), unique in Central Zagori, is a complex built in 2005, predominantly with wood and hand-hewn stone, in the difficult craft of dry stonework and in keeping with the architectural tradition of Zagori. It comprises eleven independent apartments (eight single-spaced of 40m2, two 40m2 suites and one double spaced suite of 60m2), which can accommodate up to four people.

Posted On 24 Mar 2015
Monopatia Mountain Resort

Monopatia Mountain Resort

Tranquillity reigns at MONOPATIA creating a delightful and relaxed atmosphere. The landscape changes constantly according to the time of day, the season, the weather. The beauty of the natural environment outside is reflected in the earthy hues of the interior architecture. Each space has its own individual character while attention to detail accompanies understated luxury throughout.

Posted On 02 Dec 2014
Aristi Mountain Resort

Aristi Mountain Resort, Aristi

Aristi Mountain Resort & Villas, a proud member of the “Small Luxury Hotels of the World” is built at the upper part of Aristi, one of the most beautiful traditional villages of Aristi and in Greece, ‘Aristi Mountain Resort & Villas’ is not just a hotel, but a refuge for those seeking beauty in nature. A starting point for hikers and anyone who wants to visit the enchanting Zagorochoria villages and a place for those wishing to experience nature at its best while having top quality facilities available to them.

Posted On 02 Dec 2014
Greek Travel Pages list of all hotels in Zagoria

Zagori Outdoor Activity Organizers


Compass Adventures Zagori

A company created from local mountain and trekking guides who live and work in the area of Zagori. We are based in Zagori region, at the North Pindos Mountains. This is the area where Pindos mountain range stretches from the north to the south covering a distance of 230km! This…

Posted On 02 Apr 2015
Trekking Hellas Epirus, Greece

Trekking Hellas in Epirus

The most scenic green mountainous region of the country. Magnificent 20Km long Vikos gorge and the spectacular Pindos mountains, in addition to traditional and authentic stone villages are an ideal location for nature enthusiasts. Ideal for: Trekking, multisport and cultural…

Posted On 24 Mar 2015
Alpine Zone outdoor activities

Alpine Zone in Epirus

All the activities of the Alpine Zone take place at the tablelandof Ioannina, the National Park of Vikos – Aoos, the massif of Tymfi, Zagori villages, the National Park of Valia Kalda, Vasilitsa, the massif of Smolikas, the Athamanika Mt. Come to meet the enchanting region of…

Posted On 24 Mar 2015

The Vikos Gorge: A Trekking Paradise



Aphrodite Gardens: Luxurious Resort in Paphos

Aphrodite Gardens is set to be a luxurious, gated resort residence in Paphos featuring good location, style, affordable prices and various amenities.

“Leptos Aphrodite Gardens” would be ideal for expatriates and locals who look for a combination of a holiday home and a permanent residence.

The exclusive “Leptos Aphrodite Gardens” has a selection of one, two and three bedroom apartments, penthouses, junior suites and detached villas for sale. It’s located in a prime area in Kato Paphos, within walking distance to all amenities and facilities and the Blue Flag sandy beaches. The area also offers an investment potential due its proximity to the planned Leptos infrastructure project, “Neapolis Smart Eco City”.

It comprises of 200 properties surrounding two large free form swimming pools, a children’s pool, landscaped gardens and green areas. Other facilities of the project include: Gated entrance with an entry code and Concierge at the gate, closed circuit TV with video recording, footpaths, irrigation system and sundecks.

All types of properties have underfloor electric heating, double glazed windows, kitchen granite worktops, ensuite bathrooms and satellite TV connection.

According to Leptos Estates, “In Leptos Aphrodite Gardens, emphasis has been given on creating the idyllic surroundings where the benefits of living in Cyprus can be enjoyed to the maximum. The Mediterranean lifestyle is about enjoying life to the fullest, finding the perfect balance between work and relaxation and having time to experience new pleasures in life.”