The process to Visa





Step 1: Issuing an entry Visa for Greece or Cyprus

Step 2: Collecting the documentation

Step 3: Submitting The Documents

Step 4: Procedures until the Final issuing of the permit


For your family members too!



What about renewal?



The renewals of the residence permit requires different documents …but we take care of everything!


We also assist you in every other aspect!


Look-See Trip


This program is intended to provide sufficient local area knowledge to enable a candidate and family to decide upon acceptance or otherwise of a proposed assignment. The Look-See Trip helps the family understand the whereabouts of their potential stay in the different towns in Cyprus or Greece and decide where to focus on choosing their future home or business.

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Children School Program


The success of the whole family’s move is greatly connected to children’s ability to adjust themselves and settle happily into their new environment. This program enables parent to visit the schools that are most suitable to their children’s needs and decide the most appropriate one. We strongly believe on the importance for parents to make the right education choice well aware of the impact that this choice will have on their daily life as well.


Helpline support



First National Group provides a continual telephone support service to help newly arrived assignees to overcome day-by-day issues. We are perfectly aware of and sympathetic to the stress and difficulties than can be involved in the initial settling-in period. Helpline represents a very important support for the expatriates and an efficient time-saving tool.


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