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Representing one of the last tall buildings in Cyprus, this mixed-use tower development, located on Limassol waterfront, can provide world class headquarters for international companies.

Taking a prominent position on the city’s skyline, and located at a transitional point between the beach and the central business district, the building’s translucent crystal mass has been carved away to address vantages to and from the city’s waterfront, the sea, the beach, roof tops, mountains and sky, and to reflect the dynamics of its position. The result is diverse and dynamic, open and closed and an iconic ‘beacon’ at the gateway to the city.

The development will provide retail and gallery spaces around podium piazzas, leased office space, super deluxe apartments on single floor plates with communal sky gardens plus an exclusive rooftop bar in one of the towers, with a further sky garden reception space.

Setting a new technological benchmark for Cyprus, the towers will incorporate a massive apex PV array, geo-heating and cooling, rain water harvesting, lift power generation and integral automated glazing cavity solar blinds.

Outstanding Specifications

The finest and most elegant materials are being used for the construction of the tower.
Sustainability is the focal point and the structure qualifies as a Grade A Green tower with maximum energy efficiency.
The tower is cupped by a fully glazed cut crystal structure at the top incorporating photovoltaic arrays and LED light fixtures which will illuminate this feature by night creating a powerful visual reference point along the Limassol Coast.

Bioclimatic Systems Employed

    40% reduction in energy consumption for Air Conditioning
    40% reduction in energy consumption for Heating
    75% reduction in energy consumption for Hot Water
    240 Sq.m. of photovoltaic cells will generate – 30kw per hour – 240kw per day
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Tower 1 Features

  • Plot size: 2.628 Sq.m.
  • Planning permit status: Approved
  • Building area (current planning building permit):  6.123 Sq.m
  • Commercial area: 5.055 Sq.m
  • Revised planning permit: Approved
  • Building coefficient can be increased to: 7,911 Sq.m.
  • Commercial building space 6,500 Sq.m.
  • Residential building space 1,411 Sq.m.
  • Parking spaces
  • Private parking: 124
  • Public parking: 143
  • Basement parking architecture: Spiral
  • Number of Building Floors:
  • Basement parking floors: 4.5
  • Ground & Mezzanine shopping: 1.5
  • Offices: 14.0
  • Sky Gardens: 2.0
  • Mechanical floors: 2.0
  • Residential (separate building to Total Tower): 6
  • Building Height: 103m
  • Main building: 91m
  • Top crown: 12m
  • Floor to floor height: 4.3m
  • lastfloor offices floor to floor height: 8.6m
  • Building crown covered in photovoltaics
  • Public square in front of building: 657 Sq.m.
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